Painting                               Concrete                                          Drywall Repair     

       Interior.                                                              Tilt up                                                                                    Stucco Repair

      Exterior                                                              Masonry Units                                                                       Texture Matching

      Spray                                                                 Floors                                                                                     Orange Peel

      Electrostatic                                                      Epoxy                                                                                     Knock Down

      HVLP                                                                  Architectural Coatings                                                          Taping

     Specialty Coatings                                             Brick                                                                                       Drywall Installation

   Vinyl                                                   Handyman Service                                       Churches                                            Wall paper                                Trim and molding installation                                        Senior Living 

   Power Washing                       Fixture installation                                         Townhome/Condo

   Staining                                 Window Cleaning                                         Associations

     Custom Matches                                                  Industrial                                                                Municipalities

      Windows / Doors                                                  Tanks                                                                     

      Varnish                                                                  Machines

     Urethane                                                               Heavy Equipment

   Marine Coatings                      Sandblasting

                                                                                   Soda Blasting

                                                                                   Chemical Wash

We will be sending you career painters! This company was founded by a painter and built by painters that spend their life pursuing the art and trade of professional painting.  

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Over the past 20 years we have been blessed to serve the Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Property Management, Retail, and Restaurant Industries throughout the country.  Many of our services have been developed and refined by working on so many different types of painting projects.   As you can imagine, from spraying a large tank to wallpapering a bathroom, ZPI painters are consistently seeing different kinds of projects on a daily basis. We train all of our painters in the latest technology and techniques, as well as customer service and project management.   ZPI use almost every application process in our day to day operations.  All of our spray equipment is top of the line and up to date.  The list of services we offer would take up 10 pages, however, below you will find many of the main services we offer as well as some other skills that set us apart.  


Nationwide Travel